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Tracking the Importance of Recusals in Civil Cases (Part 2)

Yesterday, we began our review of the Court’s history with recusals, looking at the years 1994 through 2005.  Today, we address the Court’s recusals between 2006 and 2017. In 2006, Justice Corrigan recused in six cases.  Justice Werdegar recused four times in civil cases, and Justice Chin recused twice.  In 2007, Justice Corrigan recused three … Continue Reading

Tracking the Importance of Recusals in Civil Cases (Part 1)

Earlier this week over at the Illinois Supreme Court Review, we reviewed the Illinois Supreme Court’s experience with recusals in civil cases.  This week, we’re addressing the same issue here at the California Supreme Court Review.  In Illinois, there’s no provision for pro tem Justices, and there must be four votes for any decision.  In … Continue Reading

How Often Has the Defense Won Certified Question Appeals?

Last week, we began our look at the California Supreme Court’s experience since 1994 in appeals which originated in certified questions from the Ninth Circuit. This week, we continue our analysis, looking at how often the defense wins such cases, how closely divided the cases tend to be, and how long they take. First, let’s … Continue Reading

What Areas of Law Do the Court’s Certified Questions Arise In?

Yesterday, we surveyed where the California Supreme Court’s certified question appeals arose.  Today, we turn to a different question: what areas of law do the Court’s certified questions arise in? We report the first third of the data in Table 258.  The Court decided one case in employment law in 2000 and one each in … Continue Reading

Where Do the California Supreme Court’s Certified Questions Come From?

This week, we begin a new study – a detailed study of the California Supreme Court’s certified questions. In Table 256, we report the year-by-year certified questions totals on the Court.  No certified questions appear among the Court’s opinions between 1994 and 1999.  The Court decided two certified question cases in 2000, three in 2001, … Continue Reading