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What’s the Government’s Winning Percentage in Criminal Appeals?

Yesterday, we reviewed the year-by-year data on the State’s appearances as appellant and respondent in criminal cases from 1994 to 2016.  Today, we review the State’s winning percentage in each role. The State won 80.95% of its cases as petition in 1994, 93.75% in 1995, 64.29% in 1996 and 88.89% in 1997.  The State won … Continue Reading

How Many Criminal Appeals Are the Result of Government Appeals?

Last week, we reviewed how often public entities appeared as appellant and respondent in civil cases, and how often the public entities prevailed.  This week, we review the Court’s experience in criminal cases. The Court decided twenty-one criminal cases in 1994 where the State was the appellant.  The Court heard sixteen such cases in 1995, … Continue Reading

How Often Do Governmental Entities Win in Civil Cases?

Last week, we began our review of the Court’s experience with governmental entities.  This week, we’re evaluating governmental entities’ winning percentage. Petitioners won 85.71% of their cases in 1994, 59.09% in 1995 and 100% in 1996.   Petitioners won 85.71% in 1997, 64.29% in 1998, 57.14% in 1999 and 71.43% in 2000. In 2001, petitioners won … Continue Reading

How Common Are Governmental Parties in the Court’s Civil Docket?

For the past several weeks, we’ve looked at the Court’s record with death penalty appeals.  This week and next, we’re looking at the Court’s record with parties that are governmental entities. In Table 308, we report the year-by-year data for governmental entity petitioners, beginning in 1994.  The numbers have varied widely.  The Court decided seven … Continue Reading