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Are Defendants Winning Criminal Appeals More Often (Part 2 – 2006-2016)?

Yesterday, we looked at whether defendants are winning a higher fraction of appeals in criminal cases between 1994 and 2005.  Today, we’re looking at the years 2006 through 2016. In 2010, defendants won eleven criminal cases.  In 2012, defendants won ten cases.  Beginning in 2014, defendants have won more cases each year – twelve in … Continue Reading

Are Defendants Winning Criminal Appeals More Often (Part 1 – 1994-2005)?

Earlier this week, I joined “Air Talk” on KPCC radio for a discussion of the California Supreme Court’s recent criminal decisions, beginning with People v. Gutierrez, in which the Court reversed three convictions for the first time in many years based upon Batson/Wheeler (strikes from the jury pool based on minority status) error.  So I … Continue Reading