Yesterday, we began our review of the areas of law producing the California Supreme Court’s civil and criminal dockets between 2000 and 2002.  Today, we address the civil docket for the years 2003 and 2004.

The data for 2003 is reported below in Table 51.  Tort law cases were down significantly, but were still the biggest single topic on the Court’s civil docket, accounting for eight cases, or 18.18% of the docket.  Government and administrative law and employment law were the next two most common areas of civil law, producing six cases each, or 13.64%.  The Court decided five cases each in constitutional and civil procedure law – 11.36% of the docket.  Four cases arose in insurance law, or 9.09% of the civil docket.  The Court also heard three cases in arbitration law, two each in domestic relations and property law, and one each in workers’ compensation, commercial and tax law.

Table 51

Finally, we report the data for 2004 in Table 52 below.  Tort law was up somewhat, accounting for 11 cases, or 21.15% of the civil docket.  Eight cases apiece arose in government and administrative law and constitutional law – 15.38% of the cases.  Civil procedure accounted for 13.46% of the docket (7 cases).  The Court heard four insurance cases (7.69% of the docket) and three each in domestic relations and employment (5.77% each).  Finally, the Court decided two cases each in consumer and property law (3.85% each), and one each in workers’ compensation, arbitration law, contract law, and wills and estates (1.92% each).

Table 52

Join us back here next Thursday as we turn our attention to the criminal docket between 2000 and 2004.

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