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Kirk Jenkins brings a wealth of experience to his appellate practice, which focuses on antitrust and constitutional law, as well as products liability, RICO, price fixing, information sharing among competitors and class certification. In addition to handling appeals, he also regularly works with trial teams to ensure that important issues are properly presented and preserved for appellate review.  Mr. Jenkins is a pioneer in the application of data analytics to appellate decision-making and writes two analytics blogs, the California Supreme Court Review and the Illinois Supreme Court Review, as well as regularly writing for various legal publications.

This time, we’re concluding our examination of the reversal rates of the Courts of Appeal in civil cases during the 1990s.  Overall, reversal rates were 100% with respect to property law, contract law and arbitration.  Government and administrative law and domestic relations decisions were reversed 83.33% of the time.  The reversal rate for insurance was

This time, we’re reviewing reversal rates during the 1990s for the seven then-active divisions of the Second District (Division Eight wasn’t created until later).

Overall, 100% of decisions were reversed in environmental law, contract law and secured transactions.  The reversal rate in government and administrative law was 90.91%.  Tort law saw an overall reversal rate

Justice Jenkins has cast sixteen votes to affirm in criminal cases – fourteen in 2021 and two in 2022.  He has cast two split votes.  He has cast thirteen votes to reverse – eleven in 2021 and two so far this year.

So far, Justice Jenkins has voted with the majority in all thirty-one criminal

Justice Jenkins has cast twenty-two votes so far in civil cases – eleven to affirm and eleven to reverse.  In 2021, he cast seven votes to affirm and ten to reverse.  He has cast four votes to affirm and one to reverse in 2022 to date.

So far, Justice Jenkins has voted with the majority

Today, we begin our final six-part post reviewing the tenure of the Justices of the Supreme Court with the tenure of Justice Martin Jenkins.

Justice Jenkins has participated in twenty-five civil cases – nineteen in 2021 and six so far in 2022.

Justice Jenkins has written three opinions in civil cases – one majority opinion

In this post, we’re wrapping up our review of Justice Joshua Groban’s tenure to date on the Supreme Court.  Justice Groban has written five majority opinions in civil cases.  In 2020, he wrote one on commercial law and two in civil procedure.  In 2021, he wrote two tort decisions.

Justice Groban has written only one

Justice Groban has written five majority opinions in civil cases since joining the Court – three in 2020 and two in 2021.  One of these cases involved commercial law, two were civil procedure and two were In tort law.

Justice Groban has written only one dissent in a civil case – a case involving workers

Since joining the Court, Justice Joshua Groban has voted with the majority in 97.33% of all civil cases – 73 out of 75 cases.  He was with the majority in 96.3% of cases in 2019 and 2020, and in all 21 civil cases in 2021.

He has voted with the majority in 97.3% of all