Yesterday, we began our review of the Court’s experience with recusals in criminal cases since 1994.  Today, we review the second half of the data.

In 2006, new Justice Corrigan recused in eleven criminal cases.  Justice Chin recused in three and Justice Baxter recused twice.  In 2007, Justices Corrigan and Baxter recused once each.  In 2008, the only recusal in a criminal case was by Chief Justice George.  In 2009, Justice Baxter recused three times, and Justice Kennard once.

In 2010, there was only one recusal in a criminal case, by Justice Kennard.  In 2011, the new Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye recused in twelve criminal cases, and Justice Werdegar recused in one.  In 2012, the Chief Justice recused three times and Justice Liu once.  There were no recusals in criminal cases in 2013.

In 2014, there were two recusals in criminal cases – one by Justice Kennard, and one by Justice Liu.  In 2015, Justices Kruger and Cuellar recused in eight criminal cases apiece, and Justice Corrigan recused once.  There have been no recusals in criminal cases since 2015.

Join us back here next week as we turn our attention on both our data analytics blogs to the death penalty.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Charlie Day (no changes).