Last week, we began reviewing the trial courts from which the state Supreme Court’s civil and criminal dockets arise year by year, both here and over on our sister blog the Illinois Supreme Court Review.  This week, we’re reviewing the data for the years 1999-2003 – first, the civil docket.

In 1999, as always, Los Angeles led the way, as the Court decided twenty civil cases originating there.  Santa Clara and Sacramento counties produced four cases apiece; San Francisco and San Diego counties produced three each, and the Court decided three cases arising under its original jurisdiction.  The Court decided two civil cases from Orange County, and one each from Sonoma, Lake, Marin, Santa Barbara, Alameda, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, Calaveras and Tuolomne counties, plus one direct administrative appeal and one case from the Council on Judicial Performance.

In 2000, the Court decided twenty-one civil cases originating in trial court in Los Angeles.  The Court decided six cases from San Francisco, three from Santa Clara, two from Sacramento, San Diego, Riverside and San Joaquin, and one case each from Sonoma, Marin, San Bernardino, San Mateo, San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Tulare counties, and one certified question each from the United States District Courts for the Northern and Central Districts of California.

In 2001, the civil caseload from Los Angeles was down to fifteen.  The Court decided eight civil cases from Orange County, four from San Francisco and four from San Diego, and two from Sacramento, San Bernardino and Kern counties, two direct administrative appeals and two certified questions originating in the Central District of California.  The Court decided one civil case each from Marin, Fresno, Riverside, Santa Barbara, San Joaquin and Kings counties.

In 2002, the Court decided fourteen civil cases from Los Angeles County.  The Court decided six cases from San Francisco, three from Orange, San Bernardino and Ventura counties, and two from Santa Clara, Sacramento, San Diego, Fresno and Riverside counties.  The Court decided one case apiece from Sonoma, Marin, Santa Barbara, San Mateo and Contra Costa counties, as well as single certified question appeals from the Northern, Central and Eastern Districts of California.

In 2003, the Court decided a dozen civil cases from Los Angeles.  The Court decided five cases each from San Francisco and Sacramento, three from Santa Clara and San Bernardino counties, and two from Sonoma, Orange and Contra Costa counties.  The Court decided one civil case from Fresno, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Alameda and Kern counties, one direct administrative appeal, and one certified question from the Central District of California.

Join us back here tomorrow as we compare the data for the Court’s criminal docket from these same years.

Image courtesy of Pixabay by Mortenhjerpsted (no changes).