Yesterday, we reviewed the collective data for the years 1994 through 2017 to determine the leading geographical sources of the Court’s civil docket.  Today, we’re looking at the leading sources of the Court’s criminal docket.

Los Angeles County accounted for 27.4% of the Court’s criminal docket.  San Diego and Orange counties were next, producing 8.63% and 8.33%.  Riverside County accounted for 6.51% and Santa Clara County 5.75%.  Alameda County produced 4.09% and San Bernardino County 4.01%.  Sacramento, Kern and Contra Costa counties produced 3.86%, 3.18% and 3.03%, respectively.  Ventura County accounted for 1.74%.  Fresno County produced 1.67%.  San Francisco – the second most common county in the civil docket – produced only 1.51% of the criminal docket.  San Mateo County produced 1.44%.

In Table 407, we review the next fourteen most common counties.  Shasta and Tulare counties have produced 1.21% of the criminal docket since 1994 each.  San Joaquin County has produced 1.14%.  The Court’s original jurisdiction and Solano County produced 1.06% apiece.  Marin and Monterey counties accounted for 0.83% each.  The State Bar Court, Stanislaus and Santa Barbara counties accounted for 0.76% apiece of the criminal docket.  Santa Cruz and Sonoma counties produced 0.68% each.  Madera and Kings counties produced 0.61% of the criminal docket apiece.

Join us back here next Thursday as we continue our review of the Court’s civil and criminal dockets.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Jeff Turner (no changes).