Yesterday, we reviewed the second half of the list of counties which produced the Supreme Court’s civil docket from 1994 through 2017.  Today, we’re wrapping up the list on the criminal, quasi-criminal, juvenile and disciplinary side of the docket.

Overall, Yolo County has accounted for 0.61% of the Court’s total criminal caseload.  Placer and Butte counties have contributed 0.53% apiece.  Tehama and San Luis Obispo have contributed 0.45%.  Five counties have accounted for five cases each, or 0.38% of the total criminal docket: Imperial, Lake, Tuolumne, El Dorado and Lassen.  Yuba County produced four cases, or 0.3% of the docket.  Merced and Mendocino counties have produced three criminal cases each, or 0.23% of the docket.

Trinity County also produced 0.23% of the criminal docket.  Three counties accounted for 0.15% of the criminal docket apiece – Napa, Amador and Humboldt.  The Court decided one case each from ten different jurisdictions – 0.08% of the docket: Calaveras, Colusa, San Benito, Nevada, Sutter, Plumas, West Orange and Glenn counties, the Northern District of California (certified question review) and the Commission on Judicial Performance.

Join us back here next Thursday as we begin looking at another topic in our ongoing study of the Court’s decision making.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Don DeBold (no changes).