Last time, we reviewed the Justices’ agreement rates in divided criminal cases – how many times did each possible combination of Justices vote the same way in criminal cases with at least one dissenter.  This time, we’re looking at the years 2002 through 2007.

Justice Baxter’s agreement rate with Justice Moreno was 65.74%.  He agreed with the pro tems 63.64% of the time.  Justice Brown’s two highest agreement rates were with Justice Chin (72.86%) and Justice Baxter (72.46%).  Chief Justice George and Justice Brown were at 66.67%.  Justice Brown agreed with Justices Werdegar and Moreno 58.57% of the time.  Her agreement rate with the pro tems was 50%, and with Justice Kennard – 37.14%.  Justice Chin had an agreement rate of 88.89% with Justice Baxter, 70% with Justice Moreno and 69.23% with the pro tem Justices.

Justice Corrigan had an agreement rate with the pro tem Justices of 100%.  Justice Corrigan was in the nineties with Justices Chin (92.31%) and Baxter (92%).  Chief Justice George (88.46%) and Justice Baxter (81.31%) were next.  Justices Corrigan and Werdegar had an agreement rate of 73.08%.  Justices Kennard and Moreno were next at 65.38%.  Chief Justice George had an agreement rate of 83.33% with the pro tems, 82.57% with Justice Chin and 77.06% with Justice Moreno.  Justices Kennard and Baxter have an agreement rate of 45.79%.

Justice Kennard had an agreement rate in the fifties with Justices Werdegar (58.18%), Moreno (55.45%) and Chief Justice George (54.13%).  She agreed with Justice Chin in 48.18% of divided criminal cases, and with the pro tems in 46.15%.  Justice Moreno’s agreement rate with the pro tems was 76.92%.  Justice Werdegar’s agreement rate with Chief Justice George was 74.31%.  Next were pro tem Justices at 69.23%, Justice Moreno at 69.09%, Justice Chin at 68.18% and Justice Baxter at 64.81%.

Join us back here Thursday as we complete this subject with a look at the years 2008-2013 and 2014-2018.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Trophygeek (no changes).