This week and next, we’re concluding our trip through the data for the counties of California’s six Court of Appeal districts with the civil and criminal cases from the Sixth District.  The Sixth encompasses only four counties: Santa Clara (by far the biggest), San Benito, Santa Cruz and Monterey.  Civil cases from the Sixth District have been comparatively few during our study period.

In 1990, the Supreme Court decided two civil cases from Santa Clara County.  In 1991, there was one case from Monterey.  In 1992, the Court decided three cases from Santa Clara and one more from Monterey.  The following year, there were two cases from Santa Clara and one each from Santa Cruz and Monterey.  In 1994, the Court decided three cases from Santa Clara.

Only Sixth District civil case between 1995 and 1999 originated anywhere other than Santa Clara – a single case from San Benito county in 1995.  Meanwhile there were three cases in 1995, one in 1997, two in 1998 and four cases in 1999 from Santa Clara county.

There was one case from Monterey county in 2000 and one from Santa Cruz county in 2004.  Santa Clara county produced three civil cases in 2000, two in 2002 and three in 2003.  There were no Sixth District civil cases in 2001.

Join us here next time as we review the data for the years 2005 through 2019.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Damian Gadal (no changes).