So far we’ve reviewed four Justices’ voting records in civil cases with insurers as named parties. Today, we’re looking at the data for Justice Cuellar.

Like Justice Liu, Justice Cuellar has split his votes right down the middle on the six insurer cases he’s participated in – three votes for the insurer’s position, three votes against.

Justice Cuellar has voted to affirm in one case won by the insurer at the Court of Appeal and voted to reverse twice.

Justice Cuellar voted to reverse in the only civil case he’s participated in where the insurer lost at the Court of Appeal. (As I noted yesterday, the numbers in the second and third tables don’t add up to the first table numbers because of two certified question appeals from the Ninth Circuit.)

Join us back here next Thursday as we wrap up our review of the Justices’ voting records in insurer cases.

Image courtesy of Pixabay by Joe Breuer (no changes).