Today we continue our seven-part post reviewing the voting records of the individual Justices in civil cases involving insurers as named parties.

Since joining the Court in 2011, Justice Liu has participated in eight such cases. He has evenly split his votes – four votes against the insurer’s position, four votes for.

Four of these eight cases were won by the insurer below. Justice Liu voted to affirm in two of those four cases and voted to reverse in the others.

Two of the cases were lost by the insurer at the Court of Appeal, and Justice Liu voted to reverse the insurer’s loss once and to affirm once.

If you’re wondering why the numbers for cases won by the insurer below and for cases lost by insurers below don’t add up to our first data points – total votes for and against insurers – the two additional cases were certified questions from the Ninth Circuit, meaning that neither party lost “below.”

Join us back here tomorrow as we turn our attention to Justice Cuellar’s votes.

Image courtesy of Pixabay by tpsdave (no changes).