This week, we’re beginning a detailed look at the reversal rates, District by District and Division by Division, for the Court of Appeal in the Supreme Court.  First up, reversal rates for Los Angeles’ Second District.

Between 1990 and 2020, Division Four of the Second District had the highest reversal rate at 68.18%.  Division One was next at 67.53%.  Division Six had a reversal rate of 67.39%.  The reversal rate in Division Five was 66.23%.  Division Seven was next, with a reversal rate of 60.29%.  Division Three had a reversal rate of 59.57%.  Division Three had a reversal rate of 59.57% and Division Eight fared best at 59.25%.

Division Three had 94 civil cases on the Court’s docket.  Divisions One and Five had 77 cases apiece.  The Court decided 68 cases from Division Seven, 66 from Division Four, 46 cases from Division Six, 42 cases from Division Two and 27 cases from Division Eight.

Between 1990 and 1999, Divisions One and Six fared worst: 68.97% reversal and 68.18%.  Division Two was next at 66.67%, followed by Division Five, 65.38%.  Division Four’s reversal rate was only 61.54%, and only 56.67% of Division Seven’s civil cases were reversed.

Between 2000 and 2009, Division Seven fared the worst, with a civil reversal rate of 73.91%.  Division Four was next at 69.23%.  Two-thirds of Division Five’s civil decisions reviewed were reversed.  The reversal rate for Division One was 60.87%.  Division Three was at 58.97%.  Division Two was right behind at 57.14%.  The reversal rate in Division Six was 56.25%, and 40% of the civil cases from Division Eight were reversed.

Between 2010 and 2020, Division Six fared worst, with a reversal rate in civil cases of 87.5%.  Thee more Divisions were over seventy percent: Four (75%), One (72%) and Eight (70.59%).  Two-thirds of the civil decisions from Division Five have been reversed.  The reversal rate in Division Three was 58.62%.  Division Seven did relatively well, with a reversal rate of 46.67%, and Division Two fared even better, at 40%.

Join us back here next time, as we continue our trip through the civil reversal rates.

Image courtesy of Pixabay by WilliamCho (no changes).