Today, we’re reporting the originating jurisdictions for the Supreme Court between the years 2000 and 2009.  We omit Los Angeles County from the Table to make it more easily readable.  Los Angeles County accounted for 147 civil cases between 2000 and 2009.

San Francisco County was twelfth in population but second in criminal cases.  Next were the second and third most populous counties, San Diego and Orange, followed by Sacramento (the eighth most populous county).  San Bernardino County, the fifth biggest county by population, was sixth in the list.

Nineteen additional jurisdictions, set forth in Table 1499, accounted for more than one case.  Fifty jurisdictions produced one civil case each.

Join us back here next time as we review the criminal cases for the years 2000 through 2009.

Image courtesy of Flickr by California Bear (no changes).