This week, we’re reviewing amici’s winning percentage by area of law for the years 1990 through 1999.

Overall, amici supporting appellants won 444 of 699 cases during the 1990s for a winning percentage of 63.52%.  Respondents won 230 of 547 cases for a winning percentage of 42.05%.

Amici supporting appellants in arbitration cases were undefeated – 14 wins in 14 cases.  On the other hand, arbitration amici supporting respondents lost all 14 cases.  Appellants’ amici in property law won 92.31% of their cases.  Appellants in secured transactions cases won 87.5%; workers comp appellants won 76.19%; appellants in tort law cases won 72.83% of their cases; appellants’ amici in government and administrative law cases won 70.69%.  Appellants in environmental law won 70%.  In election law, appellants won two-thirds of their cases.  Appellants’ amici in insurance law won 64.1% of the time.  Meanwhile, respondents’ amici were most successful in commercial law, winning 92.86% of the time.  Civil procedure respondents won 74.55% of their cases.  Tort respondents won only 47.42% of the time.  Respondents’ amici in employment cases won 42.22%.  Workers comp respondents won 41.18%.  Respondents’ amici in insurance cases won 41.18% of the time.

Join us back here later today as we review the criminal side of the ledger for the same years.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Lorna Mitchell (no changes).