The reversal rate for tort cases in 2010 was 50%.  In 2011 and 2012, all tort cases were reversed.  In 2013, no tort decisions were reversed.  In 2014, the reversal rate was 50%.  In 2015, the rate dropped to zero.  The reversal rate was 57.14% in 2016, 33.33% in 2017 and 60% in 2018.  All of the tort cases in 2019 were reversed.  In 2020, the reversal rate was 66.67%.

The Court decided 21 tort cases won by the defendants at the Court of Appeal and 19 cases won by the plaintiffs.  Defendants’ wins were reversed at a slightly higher rate than plaintiffs’ wins were – 61.9% to 57.89%.

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Image courtesy of Flickr by Martha Jimenez (no changes).