This time, we’re tracing the California Supreme Court’s tort docket by Districts of the Court of Appeal for the years 2000 through 2009.  During the decade, the Second District had 26 tort cases on the Supreme Court’s docket – 1 from Division One, 2 from Division Two, 7 from Division 3, 3 from Division 4, 4 from Division Five, 3 from Division Six and 6 from Division 7.  Seventeen cases came from the Fourth District: 11 from Division Two, 4 from Division Three and 2 from Division One.  The First District contributed 16 cases: 6 each from Divisions Two and Four and 2 each from Divisions One and Three.  The Fifth and Sixth Districts contributed 4 cases apiece, and only 2 cases came from the Third District.

As for reversal rates, the First District did fairly well – 83.33% reversal for Division Two, but 50% from Divisions One, Three and Four.  In the Second District, Divisions Two and Seven had 100% reversal.  Division Three was at 85.71%, while Division Six was at two-thirds.  Only a third of the cases from Division Four were reversed and only one-quarter of Division Five’s cases were.  Division One had the best performance, with a reversal rate of zero.

The reversal rate for the Third District was 100%.  The Fourth District did very well – all the cases from Division Two were affirmed, only 18.18% reversal for Division One and 50% for Division Three.  The reversal rate for the Fifth District was 75%.  The rate for the Sixth was 50%.

Join us back here next time as we review the data for 2010 through 2020.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Martha Jimenez (no changes).