For the years 2010 through 2019, overall reversal rates for First District civil cases were 100% in insurance cases, environmental law, arbitration, tax, commercial law and election law.  The reversal rate in tort was 80%.  The rate for employment law cases was 71.4%.  Two-thirds of domestic relations cases were reversed.  The reversal rate for civil procedure cases was 53.9% and the reversal rate for government and administrative law was 50%.

All of the tort cases from Divisions Three and Four of the First District were reversed.  The reversal rate for Division Five was zero.  The reversal rate for Division Two of the First in employment law cases was 100%; the rate was two-thirds in Divisions Three and Four.  For civil procedure cases, the reversal rate was 100% in Divisions Three and Five, 80% in Division Four, 33.3% in Division One and zero in Division Two.  The reversal rate in government and administrative law cases was 100% for Divisions Four and Five of the First District and zero for Divisions Two and Three.

Join us back here next time as we proceed to the data for the Second District.

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