We begin part 2 of our review of the geographic origin of the civil docket by reviewing the population distribution among First District counties which accounted for cases between 2000 and 2009.  Alameda had 27.69% of the District population.  Contra Costa County was 19.23%.  San Francisco was 14.76% and San Mateo County was 13.17%.  Sonoma had 8.87% and Solano County had 7.58% of the First District.  Marin and Humboldt were behind Solano.

Compared to the nineties, the case distribution shifted even more dramatically towards San Francisco, notwithstanding it being only the third biggest county by population.  San Francisco County accounted for 47 cases between 2000 and 2009.  Alameda County had only eight cases.  Sonoma, Marin and Contra Costa counties produced five cases apiece.  San Mateo had four, Humboldt County had three, Solano had two and Mendocino County produced one case.

Next up, we’ll review the data for the Second District.

Image courtesy of Flickr by David Sanabria (no changes).