Alameda County remained the biggest county in the First District according to the 2020 census, accounting for 29.56% of the population in the First District.  Contra Costa was next, with 20.49% of the District.  San Francisco was third at 15.36% and San Mateo was right behind at 13.43%.  Sonoma had 8.59%, Solano was 7.97% and Marin County was 4.61%.

As in previous decades, the case distribution did not closely follow the population distribution.  San Francisco had twenty cases on the Supreme Court’s civil docket.  Alameda had fourteen.  Marin County produced six cases, Contra Costa had only three.  San Mateo County produced two cases and Sonoma and Solano counties had one each.

Next up: the Second District.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Alejandro de la Cruz (no changes).