Last week, I was looking at our archives, pulling up old research, and I stumbled onto this two-year old post – my 500th on Appellate Strategist. Now that our other two blogs, Illinois Supreme Court Review and California Supreme Court Review, have been publishing for a while, I decided to check the dashboards there


Yesterday, we announced that we’ve expanded the data library which powers the California Supreme Court Review – by a lot.  We’ve added many new data points for all the cases which were already in the database, as well as moving the start point of the library back to November 1, 1994 – just before Associate


One of the primary reasons why appellate lawyering is a specialty is because appellate lawyers must contend with persuading a collective, institutional decision maker. An appellate panel isn’t like a jury. The members of a jury come together for the first time for a particular case, and part forever when it’s over. Members of an