Last time, we reviewed Justice Corrigan’s voting record to see how often she has been in the minority in civil cases, year by year since joining the Court.  Overall, Justice Corrigan has been in the minority in 5.98% of the civil cases she’s participated in.  Today, we’re looking at Justice Liu’s numbers.

Justice Liu has voted with the minority in 6.51% of his civil cases.  There is a definite time trend in the data which likely reflects the changing composition of the Court.  Between 2012 and 2017, Justice Liu was over his baseline in four of six years: 2012 (7.69%), 2014 (13.04%), 2016 (8.33%) and 2017 (7.14%).  Since that time, he has been over his baseline only once – last year, at 6.9%.

Join us back here next week as we continue our review of the Justices’ minority voting percentages.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Edward De La Torre (no changes).