Justice Liu has written 67 majority opinions in criminal cases since joining the Court in 2011.  He has written 27 majority opinions in criminal cases (40.3% of the total).  He has written ten opinions in sentencing cases, seven in criminal procedure cases, six cases involving violent crimes, five cases involving juvenile offenses and four habeas

In this and the following post, we’ll be completing our six-part review of Justice Goodwin Liu’s tenure to date, looking at the areas of civil and criminal law in which he’s written his majority and minority opinions.  Note once again that to maintain an even playing field, 2021 data is through the same date for

In part 4 of our review of Justice Liu’s tenure, we’re reviewing the data on how in sync with the Court’s shifting majorities he has been during his tenure.  More specifically, we’re calculating the percentage of civil and criminal cases in which Justice Liu has been in complete agreement with the majority (in other words,

Today, we’re continuing our review of Justice Goodwin Liu’s tenure with an in-depth look at his voting record on the Court.

Since joining the Court, Justice Liu has cast 106 votes to affirm, 157 votes to reverse and 24 split votes to affirm in part and reverse in part in civil cases.  Affirm votes have

Since joining the Court in 2011, Justice Liu has written 84 opinions in civil cases – 52 majority opinions, 22 concurrences and 10 dissents.  His heaviest year for majority opinions was 2013 with eight.  His lightest full years, with four majorities each, were 2014, 2015, 2018 and 2020.  His heaviest years for concurrences were 2015

This week, we’re beginning a six-part review of the tenure of Justice Goodwin Liu.  Justice Liu took his seat on the Supreme Court on September 1, 2011.

Since that time, he has participated in 311 civil cases.  His heaviest year for civil cases was 2017, when he participated in 42.  His lightest full year was

Last time, we reviewed Justice Corrigan’s voting record to see how often she has been in the minority in civil cases, year by year since joining the Court.  Overall, Justice Corrigan has been in the minority in 5.98% of the civil cases she’s participated in.  Today, we’re looking at Justice Liu’s numbers.

Justice Liu has

Today, we’re turning our attention to our initial examination of Justice Liu’s voting record.

Justice Goodwin Liu took his seat on the Court on September 1, 2011.  Since that time, he has voted in 292 civil cases.  The distribution of his votes is similar to the Chief Justice and Justice Corrigan.  From 2011 through the

This week, we’re reviewing Justice Liu’s question patterns.  As before, our purpose is both to determine whether Justice Liu follows the overall trend when he’s in the majority – more heavily questioning the party that will lose – but also what happens when Justice Liu is dissenting.  Does he more heavily question the party that will lose the case, or the party he believes should lose the case?
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