In this and the following post, we’ll be completing our six-part review of Justice Goodwin Liu’s tenure to date, looking at the areas of civil and criminal law in which he’s written his majority and minority opinions.  Note once again that to maintain an even playing field, 2021 data is through the same date for all Justice profiles – so it’s still part-year.

Justice Liu has written 52 majority opinions in criminal cases.  Ten involved government and administrative law.  Nine involved employment law.  Six majority opinions involved tort law cases and five were in constitutional law.  He has written four majorities each in tax law and civil procedure.  He has written three arbitration majority opinions.  He has written two majority opinions each in domestic relations, environmental law, commercial law and secured transactions.  He has written one opinion each involving insurance, trusts and estates and property law.

Justice Liu has written only ten dissents in civil cases.  Half of those ten were in employment (three dissents) and tort law (two dissents).  He has written one dissent each in environmental law, tax law, government and administrative law, civil procedure and arbitration law.

Join us back here next time as we wrap up our review of Justice Liu’s tenure.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Don Graham (no changes).