Justice Liu has written 67 majority opinions in criminal cases since joining the Court in 2011.  He has written 27 majority opinions in criminal cases (40.3% of the total).  He has written ten opinions in sentencing cases, seven in criminal procedure cases, six cases involving violent crimes, five cases involving juvenile offenses and four habeas corpus cases.  Judge Liu has written three constitutional law cases, two cases involving mental health and one majority opinion each involving political crimes, property crimes and process crimes.

Justice Liu has written 37 dissents in criminal cases.  Twenty-two of these opinions – far more (59.46% versus 40.3%) than in civil cases – were in death penalty cases.  Justice Liu has written five dissents in constitutional law and cases involving violent crimes, two each in cases involving sex offenses and sentencing law and one case involving habeas corpus.

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Image courtesy of Flickr by Renee Grayson (no changes).