In part 4 of our review of Justice Liu’s tenure, we’re reviewing the data on how in sync with the Court’s shifting majorities he has been during his tenure.  More specifically, we’re calculating the percentage of civil and criminal cases in which Justice Liu has been in complete agreement with the majority (in other words, a split vote when the majority affirms or reverses outright doesn’t count).

Justice Liu has agreed with the majority in 93.25% of his civil cases since 2011.  Leaving aside the partial years in 2011 and 2021, his highest agreement rate was 2018 at 96.97%.  His lowest was 2014 at 86.96%.  He was over 95% in only two full years – 2018 and 2013 (96.88%).  He was under 90% in 2014 at 86.96%.

Justice Liu has voted with the majority in only 90.84% of his criminal cases.  He has been over 95% in only two years – 2016 (98.08%) and 2020 (95.24%).  On the other hand, he has been below 90% three times – in 2017 (78.57%), 2018 (82%) and 2019 (87.8%).

Join us back here next week as we review the areas of law in which Justice Liu has written majority and dissenting opinions.

Image courtesy of Flickr by reverie_rambler (no changes).