Since joining the Court, Justice Kruger has voted to affirm in civil cases 71 times.  She has cast split votes – affirm in part, reverse in part – 21 times and has voted to reverse 110 times.  Affirm votes have outnumbered votes to reverse in only one year: 2018 (13 affirm, 11 reverse).

Justice Kruger has cast 151 votes to affirm in criminal cases, 43 split votes and 99 votes to reverse.  Her votes to affirm have outnumbered votes to reverse in every year.  In 2018, Justice Kruger voted to affirm 30 times, cast five split votes and voted 15 times to reverse.  In 2019, she voted to affirm 22 times as compared to 10 votes to reverse and nine split votes.

Join us back here next time as we review Justice Kruger’s voting patterns.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Ken Lund (no changes).