Justice Leondra Kruger

When Justice Kruger votes with the majority in a criminal case, she follows the expected pattern, more heavily questioning the losing party.  When she joins the majority in an affirmance, she averages 2.38 questions to appellants and 1.91 to respondents.  When she joins the majority in a reversal, she averages 3.6 questions to respondents and 3 to appellants.  When she joins the majority in a split decision, she averages 1.77 questions to respondents and 1.68 to appellants.

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Today, we’re finishing our review of the individual Justices’ voting records in tort cases.

Justice Kruger has participated in 18 tort cases since taking her seat in 2015. She has voted for defendants in seven cases and for plaintiffs in eleven cases. In 2015 and 2016, she voted for plaintiffs in seven of eight cases.