In this post, we’re wrapping up our review of Justice Joshua Groban’s tenure to date on the Supreme Court.  Justice Groban has written five majority opinions in civil cases.  In 2020, he wrote one on commercial law and two in civil procedure.  In 2021, he wrote two tort decisions.

Justice Groban has written only one dissent in a civil case – a workers compensation case in 2020.

Justice Groban has written ten majority opinions in criminal cases.  In 2020, he wrote two majorities in criminal procedure, two in death penalty cases and one in a habeas corpus case.  In 2021, he wrote one majority opinion each in criminal procedure, death penalty, drug offenses, constitutional law and juvenile justice.

Join us back here in a few days as we continue our ongoing analysis of the Supreme Court’s work.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Ken Lund (no changes).