In this post, we’re wrapping up our review of Justice Joshua Groban’s tenure to date on the Supreme Court.  Justice Groban has written five majority opinions in civil cases.  In 2020, he wrote one on commercial law and two in civil procedure.  In 2021, he wrote two tort decisions.

Justice Groban has written only one

Justice Groban has written five majority opinions in civil cases since joining the Court – three in 2020 and two in 2021.  One of these cases involved commercial law, two were civil procedure and two were In tort law.

Justice Groban has written only one dissent in a civil case – a case involving workers

Since joining the Court, Justice Joshua Groban has voted with the majority in 97.33% of all civil cases – 73 out of 75 cases.  He was with the majority in 96.3% of cases in 2019 and 2020, and in all 21 civil cases in 2021.

He has voted with the majority in 97.3% of all

In these next four posts, we’re completing our review of the tenure of Justice Joshua Groban.  This time, we’re reviewing Justice Groban’s voting record in civil cases.

Since taking his seat, Justice Groban has voted to affirm eighteen civil decisions – eight in 2019, three in 2020 and seven in 2021.  He has cast split

Justice Groban wrote seven opinions in civil cases from joining the Court through the end of 2021.  Five were majority opinions, one was a concurrence and one was a dissent.

Justice Groban has written ten opinions on the criminal side.  All ten were majority opinions – zero concurrences, zero dissents.

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Since joining the Court in 2019, Justice Joshua Groban has participated in seventy-five civil cases.  He sat on 27 cases in 2019, 27 more in 2020 and 21 in 2021.

Justice Groban has participated in 111 criminal cases: 35 in 2019, 42 in 2020 and 34 in 2021.

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Today we’re concluding our initial review of the Justices’ voting records by reviewing Justice Cuellar and Justice Groban.

Since joining the Court in 2015, Justice Cuellar has voted in 201 civil cases.  He has voted in affirm in 73 cases and to reverse 90 times.  Those votes show a curious time pattern: in 2015 and

This week we’re concluding our review of the individual Justices’ question patterns during oral argument by looking at the record of Justice Groban since he took his seat in 2019.  We begin as usual with civil cases.
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