Last time, we reviewed reversal rates in criminal cases from the Divisions of Los Angeles’ Second District.  Today, we’re looking at the rest of the state – San Francisco’s First District, Divisions One through Five, the Third District, District Four, Divisions One, Two and Three, and the Fifth and Sixth Districts.

Division 2 of the

This time, we’re reviewing the reversal rates in civil cases from 1990 to 2020 for the areas of California outside of Los Angeles’ Second District – the First District (San Francisco) and the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Districts.

Division 4 of the First District had the worst reversal rate in this group – 74.07%. 

This week, we’re beginning a detailed look at the reversal rates, District by District and Division by Division, for the Court of Appeal in the Supreme Court.  First up, reversal rates for Los Angeles’ Second District.

Between 1990 and 2020, Division Four of the Second District had the highest reversal rate at 68.18%.  Division One