Since joining the Court in 2015, Justice Kruger has participated in 20 criminal constitutional law cases.  She has evenly split her votes – 10 for defendants, 10 against.

Only five of these cases were won by defendants below.  Justice Kruger voted to affirm two of those defendants’ wins and voted to reverse three times.

The remaining fifteen cases were lost by the defendants at the Court of Appeal.  Justice Kruger voted to reverse, in whole or in part, eight of those defendants’ losses and voted to affirm seven times.

Since taking his seat last year, Justice Groban has participated in five criminal constitutional law cases, voting for defendants in all five.  One of those cases was won by the defendant below, and Justice Groban voted to affirm.  He voted to reverse all four decisions lost by the defendants below.

Next time, we’ll start our review of another area of law.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Alex Beattie (no changes).