In 2010, Division Two of the Second District averaged six votes to affirm in cases not unanimously affirmed.  Division Four of the Second averaged three votes and Division Four of the First and Division Three of the Second averaged two votes.  In 2011, Division Three of the First District averaged six votes to affirm.  Divisions

This time, we’re addressing the first of our two-question analysis of the Districts’ record at the Supreme Court in civil cases: how likely is it that each District (and Division) will be affirmed unanimously?

In 2000, one-third of the decisions reviewed from Division One of the First District were affirmed unanimously, while none of the

This week, we’re concluding our three-week multi-part post on the originating jurisdictions for the California Supreme Court’s civil and criminal cases between 1990 and 2020.  In this post, we’re finishing the civil side of the docket, reviewing the years 2010 to 2020.

As usual, we omit the leading jurisdiction, Los Angeles County, from the Table