Justice Carol Corrigan

Today, we’re completing our six-part review of Justice Corrigan’s tenure.  Justice Corrigan has so far written 131 majority opinions in criminal law cases and 15 dissents.

Justice Corrigan has written forty-five majority opinions in death penalty cases.  She has written 24 majorities in criminal procedure cases, 15 sentencing law cases, a dozen constitutional law cases,

Today and tomorrow, we’re concluding our six-part review of the tenure of Justice Carol Corrigan of the Supreme Court.  Justice Corrigan has written 83 majority opinions in civil cases and 14 dissents.  She has written 20 opinions in civil procedure cases, 14 involving government and administrative law, nine each in employment law and tort law

Across her entire tenure, Justice Corrigan has voted with the majority in 94.04% of civil cases.  She has reached 100% twice – in 2018 and so far in 2021.  She has been in the majority more than 95% of the time (but less than 100%) five times – 2006 (95.74%), 2009 (97.62%), 2012 (96.15%), 2014

In the next two posts, we’re reviewing Justice Corrigan’s voting record.

Since joining the Court, Justice Corrigan has voted to reverse in full in 283 civil cases.  She has cast split votes (affirm in part, reverse/vacate in part – denoted in the chart as “AR” votes) 44 times.  She has voted to affirm in 188

Last time, we began a six-part post reviewing the tenure (to date) of Justice Carol Corrigan. This time, we’re reviewing Justice Corrigan’s record in opinion writing.

Through the end of last week, Justice Corrigan has written 83 majority opinions in civil cases.  She has filed only five concurrences and 14 dissents.  Her heaviest year for

This week, we’ll begin a series of posts reviewing the tenure of each Justice of the Supreme Court.  Similar to our recently completed review of former Justice Cuéllar’s tenure, we’ll devote six parts to each Justice.  Although technically the Chief Justice is always the senior member of the Court, we’ll take the serving Justices in

This week, we’re beginning a more detailed examination of the individual Justices’ voting records.  We start with Justice Corrigan’s record in civil cases.

With the retirement of Justice Chin, Justice Corrigan is now the senior Associate Justice on the Court.  Since joining the Court in 2006, she has voted in 535 civil cases.  Although the

For the last two weeks, we’ve been looking at the Supreme Court’s question patterns at a court-wide level.  We reviewed the academic literature studying oral argument questions at the U.S. Supreme Court, which has concluded that the party which will lose averages the most questions.  We then reviewed the year-by-year data at the California Supreme